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Customer Satisfaction First

Poon Engineering & Supply Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2006 by expert engineer team. First activity emphasized on Material Handling field including with design, consult, manufacture, fabricate and install. The above activity met our customer’s satisfactions well.The achievement brought “Poon Engineering & Supply Co.,Ltd.” engage in a various engineering field following.

1. Material Handling System
- Belt Conveyor
- Bucket Elevator
- Apron Conveyor
- Pneumatic Conveyor
- Dust Collector
- Rotary Valve
- Magnetic Separator
- Chain Conveyor
- Screw Conveyor

2. Machineries Turn Key Project and all kinds
3. Design, consult and supervise new plant construction
4. Overhaul, modification and maintenance both light and heavy machine
5. Design , fabricate and install piping and flushing system

6. Specialist and manufacture “rubber gloves dipping line”
- Concept Design /Design
- Fabricate( stainless & mild steel) / Install
- Chemical dip tank / Oven & Insulation /Hot Burner / Hot Air Duct / Piping
- Test Run IQ, PQ
- Modification / Maintenance Improvement
- Saving energy
- Provide all parts (Chain Sprocket Mold Shaft Brush Roller)

7. Make to order
- Machine Parts
- Make as drawing


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